I bought an Acme Kiva Espresso sectional 6 months ago and the bonded leather completely cracked and is peeling. Mind you I put conditioner on it, usually have it covered, have no children at home and it's just me and my husband living here.

I am appalled at how this sectional looks... My 5 year old living room set that I exchanged it for looked way better than this piece of junk. 6 months!!! Oh and since the beginning, the cushions were extremely hard and that didn't change much with use; on the contrary they kind of split and now I can't get them to fit together nicely.

Just look at the pictures, it looks awful.

I tried calling ACME and they told me to call the furniture store where I bought them from and they refused to work with me. Will NEVER buy an ACME product again!!!

Monetary Loss: $1050.

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Potomac, Maryland, United States #1240191

Thank you for taking the time to report this. I'm in the market, have money to spend and will not be spending on these shysters.

Poof Acme and Kiva: one customer gone. And the internet village is not your fool.


Hi Just noticed your post. The first mistake you made was putting any kind of "conditioner" on "bonded" leather !

What holds the bond in bonded leather is "glue" and almost ALL cleaners and conditions on the market today have alcohol in them , which will break the bonding agents down and dry out the materials. DO NOT EVER BUY OR USE that *** on any furniture you want to keep. All most all manufactures today will tell you never to use these types of products on the furniture. Infact most will say it VOIDS your warranty, if it has ANY !

And you get what you pay for!, if you buy cheap *** *** from china , then thats what you get cheap *** *** thats falling apart. I too had to learn the hard way .

ALL of Acme furniture, Ashley Furniture, Rooms to go,Coaster furniture is cheap import *** . Buy USA next time


Im glad i came across your post..

i was JUST about to order this same couch.. but for (652)

I dont think im going to anymore.

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